debut double album

"One Way or The Other"

Tony's self produced debut release, "One Way or The Other", showcases his style and versatility with straight ahead rockers along with soulful & folksy ballads about life, love and relationships. This 2 disc set is made to fit the mood of the listener, with each CD being a mirror image of the other. Disc 1, "The Other Way" contains the electric, full band versions and arrangements of the same eight songs that appear on Disc 2, "The One Way" which is solo/acoustic and designed to appeal to the more quiet moments.

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The Other Way ("disc 1")
Roll With The Punches
Find A Love
Comfort You
Danger Zone
We Want What We Don't Have
She's Falling Out Of Love
So Much Easier Now
Savior In The Waiting

The One Way ("disc 2")
Roll With The Punches (acoustic version)
Find A Love (acoustic version)
Comfort You (acoustic version)
Danger Zone (acoustic version)
We Want What We Don't Have (acoustic version)
She's Falling Out Of Love (acoustic version)
So Much Easier Now (acoustic version)
Savior In The Waiting (acoustic version)


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